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Online Gambler Presents: Online Payment Options

January 26, 2015
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Online gambler payment options are, as a rule, the issue that troubles all newcomers the most. In truth, online gambling industry has improved so much that bad experiences you have heard of are due either to phishing sites or lack of knowledge. As for the first, the solution is simple: always gamble at licensed online casinos! (And at Online Gambler, you will find the finest selection of these!) As for the latter, visit our knowledgebase. Problematic online payments are the thing of the past.

All (and we mean ALL) licensed online casinos use secure transaction systems that guarantee safety to the gambler. Your personal info will never be disclosed to third parties! As for payment options, we may freely say that the biggest world banks are competing to enter the race and offer better conditions than competition.

In this you will no doubt see your benefits. Simply choose the payment option that suits your needs best and enjoy earning big buck online – whenever, wherever. Listed below you will find some of the most common online gambler payment options.

Online payment options

1. VISA and MasterCard enable direct money transfers (both ways), given that they are tied to your bank account.

2. Online payments enable electronic money transfers (again, both ways). Depending on the service of your choice, benefits may vary.

3. Wire transfer is direct money wiring and works in the exact same way as all other wore transfers do.

4. Private-label debit cards work similarly to credit and debit cards. The difference is that these cards are issued by private companies (not by credit card associations).

5. Digital cash is virtual money that every online gambler may buy from an authorized provider. The most common types include direct deposits, electronic funds transfer, and digital currencies.

6. Bank drafts, money orders, traveler’s checks, and personal checks are accepted by some online casinos (bit not by all).

As you can see, there is an option for every online gambler. Payouts are easy to cash in: you only need to pick the payment option that benefits you the most.

Online gambling bonus

And finally, let us not forget that licensed casinos offer an online gambling bonus, or, in plain words, free welcome bonuses. On top of them, there is a wide array of other free bonuses, all of which are reloaded regularly. Bonuses are stored in your online gambler account and may be invested, withdrawn, and/or multiplied. The latter implies that if you invest virtual money and win the game, you will still get to cash in your initial free investment.

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There’s a little something for everyone, as you can see. To start enjoying all the benefits of gambling online, sign up at our licensed, trusted casinos recommended at Online Gambler. We guarantee best bonuses, lowest house edges, and secure payouts. Sign up today for the best online gambler experience on the internet!